June 30, 2018 - Alberton, Montana


Chris and Tessa

We’re Getting
We Got





Tessa Olsen


Chris Lynn

The fun has begun…








How We Met

It all started in 2013 when Tessa bought her first home in Connery Circle.  Not long after moving in, her new puppy, Walter, ran across the street to meet another cute little puppy named Hurley.  Tessa quickly ran across the street to retrieve her puppy and soon locked eyes with the handsome neighbor, which of course turned out to be Chris.  The two ran into each other a couple times throughout the years, and would sneak looks from across the street, but, nothing of significance came from their meetings until July of 2016.  Tessa was out with two of her friends (Sydney and Kaylie), and with some liquid courage, she was able to send Chris a flirty little message on facebook to see if there was any potential with this mysterious neighbor from across the way.  It only took 3 seconds for Chris to respond with an enthusiastic and excited acceptance of this rendezvous. The two went on their first date on August 8, 2016 and the rest, as they say, is history  ❤❤

The Proposal

Chris asked, Tessa said yes…

But seriously, it was as easy as a walk in the park, or rather, a hike in the woods. The plan was to have our friend Steve invite us for a hike with his kids so Tessa wouldn’t suspect anything since it wasn’t my planned activity, we were just invited to tag along. A couple other friends joined this memorable endeavor as well. The location; Bass Creek in Florence, a local hiking trail near our new house we would be moving into a couple months later. After hiking for about two miles, we found a cool place next to a pond to have a snack and cold beverage. I raised a beer in celebration of selling my house earlier that day, and with a few smooth moves, transitioned to my knee, presented Tessa with a ring and popped the question. She immediately turned away and cried into a nearby bush. The rest of us looked at each other for a moment and i then stated, “well?”, and she finally replied “Absolutely”, which officially made her my advanced girlfriend, aka fiance.